Recycling computers and other electronic devices

Recycling computers and other electronic devices

Recycling computers and other electronic devices may present a unique set of concerns. Our convenient and trusted services make the process simple for you while keeping harmful chemicals out of the environment and your private data out of others’ hands. 

Commercial and Residential Computer Pickup Services

We make recycling computers and other unwanted electronics both easy and safe. With our convenient pickup services, individuals and businesses alike can take advantage of the opportunity to recycle unwanted devices without any risk of confusion.

The process is simple: just call to schedule a pickup and one of our qualified technicians will come by to grab your unwanted electronics for you, taking them back to our location for data cleaning and processing. Extra-large items may require curbside pickup, but we’re happy to take those, too. Ask about setting up a pickup bin in your office to allow all your employees to recycle old electronics at their own convenience.

Other Recycling Services We Offer

Computers are just one type of item that we take care of at High Tech Recycling. Before stopping by our location or scheduling a pickup service, find out what other items we recycle and see if there are other unneeded devices we can help take off your hands. We service all of the Metro-Detroit areas, from Wayne County to Oakland and Macomb County.

Recycling Reduces Damage to the Environment

Unfortunately, much of the e-waste from consumers in this country is currently sent to either an incinerator or landfill, where it has been shown to contribute harmful dioxins to the environment. Electronics recycling prevents items from leaching out chemicals when stored in a landfill, and most computers also have valuable rare earth metals that can be recycled. As you continue to use more electronic devices in your home or office, recycling these precious materials will become an important part in keeping the environment healthy and the industry sustainable.

After pickup, our team will safely recycle and dispose of your devices for you. This is far safer for the environment than sending old electronics to a waste disposal facility, as it keeps harmful chemicals and recyclable materials out of landfills in your area.

Safe Data Destruction

Data safety is an important concern when it comes to electronics PC recycling. Even after you delete files, they may still be available for recovery on your hard drive unless the drive is properly “sanitized” by a technician.

A common method of ensuring your data is beyond recovery is to overwrite the data with a random series of ones and zeros in three passes. The first pass uses all binary zeros to overwrite the addressable locations. The second uses all binary ones. The final overwrite uses a random bit pattern of both ones and zeros, which prevents recovery methods from finding your data.

Our team of professionals will carefully ensure that all of your personal data is properly removed from your electronics, keeping your digital identity safe.  

Preparing Your Computer For Recycling

Before sending your electronics to be recycled, be sure to back up any data you’ll want to keep. Once the data sanitation process is complete, you won’t be able to recover any files previously saved on the computer. We won’t keep any record of the data on your recycled hard drive, so any unbacked data will be lost permanently.


Recycling computers is only the first step. You may have many more items that can be safely recycled in your home or business location. Consider ways that electronics PC recycling services can assist you in decluttering your home, updating your office, and promoting sustainability in your community.

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