Mobile Devices

Every type of mobile phone can be recycled! We’ll take all styles and brands to responsibly recycle or reuse. Old phones can pile up, especially since most users are eligible for an upgrade after just two years. That’s a lot of mobile devices that can potentially end up in landfills.

Don’t Dump Your Phone

Using an official recycling program, like ours here at High Tech Recycling, ensures that harmful chemicals from your electronic waste don’t wreak havoc on our environment. We’ll make sure all the components of your devices are dealt with properly and responsibly. We have many options available to you to make it easy to do your part for our planet’s health.

stack of old cell phones

Recycling Solutions for Your Home & Business

We serve the entire Metro-Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. We make it easy for you to recycle your electronics.

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