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Every type of mobile phone can be recycled! We’ll take all styles and brands to responsibly recycle or reuse. Old phones can pile up, especially since most users are eligible for an upgrade after just two years. That’s a lot of mobile devices that can potentially end up in landfills.

Don’t Dump Your Phone

Mobile phones continuously improve. While a new phone is exciting, what do you do with your old phone? Recycle it, of course. We’ll make sure all the components of your devices are dealt with properly and responsibly. We have many options available to you to make it easy to do your part for our planet’s health.

Why Do I Need To Recycle My Old Cell Phone?

While it is easy to toss an old cellphone in the trash, it is not the best way to dispose of your unwanted electronic device. Mobile phones contain elements that can become harmful to the environment and yourself as they begin to break down. When a phone is left in a landfill, these materials degrade and chemicals leach into the surrounding area, including groundwater, affecting plants, animals, and people. Recycling your old cell phone also helps to conserve and reuse raw materials such as silicon, solder, and rare earth materials. The elements in your old phone can be recycled and used again in other devices.

How To Prepare My Old Cell Phone for Recycling

Before you turn your phone over to a recycler, ensure that you delete your information. Too many people think that merely erasing contacts or text messages is enough to clear the phone, but motivated people can still find ways to access this information. While it can seem daunting, preparing your phone for recycling or refurbishing is a four-step process:
  1. Backup personal information: Every phone manufacturer provides a manual with detailed explanations for correctly backing up your data. Find your physical manual or locate one online and follow the appropriate steps.
  2. Do a factory reset: A factory reset is an effective way to eliminate most of your files and information. A complete reset can eliminate nearly 95% of personal data or more.
  3. Remove SIM and SD cards: You do not want to leave your SIM card or other storage cards in the phone. Some phones provide additional external slots for SD storage. Your SIM card might be in with the battery.
  4. Clean the device: Before handing your phone over to a recycler, be sure to clean it. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, like window cleaners; use alcohol instead.

Do You Accept Broken Cell Phones?

Yes, we accept cellphones in all working or non-working conditions. We also accept all similar mobile devices, like tablets, smartphones, and flip phones. In addition to mobile devices, we accept related chargers and batteries.

Can I Throw My Old Cell Phone Away?

No, don’t throw your phone away. Some areas prohibit the improper disposal of e-waste, and most mobile devices use lithium-ion batteries that contain corrosive and toxic chemicals. The presence of e-waste in landfills causes significant risks to wildlife, vegetation, and people. While recycling might be a little more challenging than throwing a device away, consider the environmental, economic, and health benefits of recycling. Here at High Tech Recycling we are committed to offering convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly solutions to disposing of your old electronics!
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We serve the entire Metro-Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. We make it easy for you to recycle your electronics.

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