We recycle various types of televisions and television-related equipment to make it easy for you to upgrade and change out your devices.

What Types of TV’s do you Accept?

We recycle various types of televisions and television-related equipment to make it easy for you to upgrade and change out your devices. Specifically, we accept any brand of LCD, LED, and plasma TV’s. We’ll also handle the recycling of all wires, cables and cable boxes belonging to your television sets, no matter how old they are. At this time, we do not accept CRT (Tube TV’s).  

Why Do I Need To Recycle My TV?

At High Tech Recycling, we’re committed to reducing the environmental pollution caused by improper disposal of tech waste. TV recycling is an important service we offer to the Metro Detroit area. There are three main reasons to recycle your television:
  • Avoid Environmental Pollution: chemicals found in internal TV components can leach into the groundwater and affect local water purity. If burned, plastic and other materials can pollute the air. Copper, plastic and precious metals in televisions won’t decompose naturally, so improperly disposing on an old TV adds to a landfill.
  • Recycle Materials: plastic, copper, glass and precious metals are all recyclable. These materials can be responsibly used to make new televisions or other electronic components.
  • Reuse Electronics: reusing obsolete electronics is another way to avoid sending them to a landfill.

Can I Throw Away My old or Broken TV?

Newer TVs have precious metals that should be recycled, and older units have hazardous materials that shouldn’t be damaged. Failure to properly recycle a television could result in serious environmental issues. This is why most waste management services refuse to accept TVs. Physically moving your TV to a dumpster or other trash disposal site can also be a challenge. A bulky, full-size TV won’t fit in a car or in many SUVs. If you had your television delivered to your home, you may find that you don’t have the vehicle necessary to safely remove it from your property. Thankfully, you can work with our recycling team at High Tech Recycling to schedule a pickup at your home.  

How Do I Recycle My old or Broken TV?

Some larger TVs are difficult to remove from your home and costly to transport. Because of the mixed materials in the appliance, most traditional recycling solutions aren’t suitable for a TV. Here are some basic ways we can assist you in the process of responsibly handling an old or broken TV:
  • Home pickup: Don’t worry about borrowing a truck or renting a moving van just to dispose of a TV. We’ll gladly schedule a pickup at your location in the Metro Detroit area. The price depends on location, contact us for a quote.
  • Public drop off: Prefer to come to our location instead? Don’t worry about someone stopping by your home. Instead, just bring your old unit to our location for recycling. Please note, there is a $5.00 charge to recycle flat panel TV’s.
  These convenient recycling strategies allow you to easily remove your outdated TV to make way for the latest model. Don’t be tempted to throw away your obsolete technology, but work with our team at High Tech Recycling for a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative.
Broken flat screen television

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