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How To Safely Recycle Your Devices

Everyone can play a significant role in keeping our environment clean and healthy by participating in electronic recycling. Households, business owners, and manufacturers should learn where their local electronics recycling center is, and how easy it can be to recycle old electrical equipment and electronic devices. If you’re new to the electronic waste recycling movement, […]

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Why Should You Delete Your Data Before Recycling Electronics?

recycling bin with old computer

Are you planning on getting rid of an old electronic device? Before disposing of electronic devices, you need to use a data destruction service to help you destroy any confidential information.  When you recycle your electronics, you don’t know exactly where they’ll end up. That’s why it’s important to get rid of personal information, including […]

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How To Clean Computer Before Recycling

trash bin with electronics in it

Congratulations! You’re about to recycle an old computer that would otherwise end up buried in a landfill for all of eternity. That latter option is heartbreaking, not only to the precious space that we have in landfills to begin with, but also to the Earth as a whole. So kudos to you for electing to […]

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Benefits of Recycling Electronics

recycle old cell phones

How many times have you seen computers and other electronics sitting on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up to go to the landfill? This calamity happens a LOT more than you may think! There was a famous story told about Atari Computers and how the video game crash of 1983 affected […]

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How to Recycle an Old TV?

You might not have known this, but it is actually possible to recycle an old TV. You can go to a local recycling facility and recycle your old TV, as long as that recycling facility has the necessary equipment to recycle old TVs. This is a good alternative if you prefer to recycle it as […]

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How to Recycle an Old Ipad?

When you upgrade your Ipad tablet, you can make the environmentally conscious decision and recycle! Ipads are full of valuable metal parts, and you can even earn money when you decide to recycle them. While newer upgrades might have faster processors or better quality cameras, there are plenty of people that would be more than […]

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How To Recycle an Old Microwave?


Similar to computers and televisions, microwave ovens are constructed from toxic raw materials (like lead solder), sheet metal, and fire retardant chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Before you toss out your non-working or old microwave, consider that many microwaves and appliances are considered electronic waste or e-waste. There is a proper way to […]

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How to Dispose of an Old Laser Printer

Laser printers were first introduced in the mid-1970s, but they didn’t become popular in offices until about 20 years later. While today’s printers are much different than the first ones, regardless of their age, printers do not belong in landfills. The materials do not decompose. Dealing with obsolete electronics doesn’t have to be a problem. […]

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How to Recycle Your Computer Hard Drive

If it’s time to decommission your old computer, you might be wondering what to do with it. Electronic waste doesn’t decompose, so throwing it away isn’t a good option. Recycling your hard drive is another solution, but the risks of a data leak from the hard drive are another concern. Here’s why partnering with a […]

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How To Dispose of a Plasma TV

TV technology is always advancing, but with the exciting developments, old TVs begin to stack up in storage lockers everywhere. If you have an old plasma TV, you may have a disposal dilemma. Plasma televisions may contain heavy metals, such as cadmium, so they should not be thrown to the curb or into a dumpster. […]

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