How To Recycle Your Old Car Battery

A typical car battery has a life expectancy of less than five years. There are batteries that end up lasting much longer than that, but they might not work as efficiently after that point. Following replacement, a dead car battery must be disposed of properly to reduce the risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals. Car battery recycling salvages raw materials that are still useful to be made into other products. At the same time, it protects you and your family from health hazards due to unintentional exposure. 

Why Is Car Battery Recycling Necessary?

A car battery is able to retain a reliable and long-lasting charge because it contains acid and lead. While these materials make for a more effective battery, they are also incredibly toxic to human beings. Exposure to lead can have devastating effects on the brain and other vital organs. Car batteries contain sulfuric acid, which is extremely powerful. If ingested, it could cause death or other serious conditions such as organ damage. It can also cause blindness if it comes in contact with the eyes. 

While it is generally safe to handle a sealed battery, older batteries are more prone to leakage. If you were to dispose of a car battery in your ordinary household trash, it could sit in the landfill for years. During that time, the hazardous materials it contains could contaminate the soil or leach into the groundwater. This has implications for your entire community as many people could get sick from the widespread exposure. 

What Is the Proper Way To Handle, Store, and Transport a Car Battery?

It is best to recycle a car battery as soon as possible after replacing it. The longer it remains in storage, the greater the risk of harmful exposure. If you have to store your battery prior to recycling it, be sure that you keep it in an upright position. If you store it on its side, it increases the risk that the battery acid could leak out. This is especially true if the battery is equipped with vent caps. 

If you have to store your car battery, you should wrap it up in a heavy-duty plastic bag to contain any acid that does leak out. If you do not have any heavy-duty plastic bags, you can wrap it in two separate bags. Be careful not to drop the battery, tip it over, or jostle it any more than necessary when storing it or taking it to be recycled. 

Where Can You Recycle Your Car Battery?

Fortunately, there are many different options for car battery recycling, which may account for the impressive 98% of batteries that are successfully recycled. For many people, it is most convenient to take the old car battery to the auto parts store for recycling because they can buy a new one right away. However, not all automotive stores accept old batteries for recycling. 

If the auto parts retailer will not recycle your old battery, you can recycle your battery at High Tech Recycling located in Pontiac, Michigan.

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