How To Safely Recycle Your Devices

How To Safely Recycle Your Devices

Is your data safe? With threats of identity theft, credit card theft, and other cybercrimes so prevalent, securing your data is an important activity. Be sure your data is not only safe on your computer but safe when you replace it with the latest laptop or another computing device. Find out how to secure your PC data by backing up, deleting data, and recycling all your digital devices in a convenient location near you.

Backup Your Personal Information and Files

The first step is backing up your important information. At the end of this process, any files, users, or other information on your device will be unavailable to access by you or a professional. Saving photos, files, and account information in a secure place is essential before you start deleting items.

One way to backup information is online. Saving information on the cloud is a convenient way to back it up if you don’t have an alternative device large enough to contain the information. As long as you choose a reputable company for your online storage, you can be reasonably assumed that your information will be safe.

For a more private way to protect your information, invest in an external hard drive. These affordable devices come in all sizes and can fit as much or more than your existing computer. Loading all your files onto a hard drive prevents the risk of information stolen from the cloud, but it adds the risk of losing or damaging your hard drive.

Remove Data

Now that everything you wish to save is safely backed up, it’s time to start erasing information from your hard drive. All digital devices have hard drives, so whether your information is on an external or internal hard drive the process is the same. Delete the information on your computer. You can do this by deleting files individually or resetting your hard drive to factory settings.

Delete Old Accounts

Another way to clear information is to remove your accounts. Your computer may ask if you wish to remove files as well as accounts, so be sure you clear your hard drive completely of personal, sensitive information. This will completely clear your hard drive.

Unfortunately, erasing information isn’t a permanent solution. Although you may have deleted files on your computer, there are still traces of this information on your hard drive. A dedicated criminal can still recover these files unless you use an erasure program. While these programs are available for personal use, reliable erasure services are also available through High Tech Recycling, your local device recycling center in Pontiac, Michigan.

Safely Recycle Your PC or Hard Drive

We ensure that your files are completely erased through state-of-the-art hard drive data destruction. This uses three erasure steps to not only wipe information off your hard drive but also ensure that it’s not available for recovery.

We’re committed to providing you with efficient ways to safely recycle your devices. As part of our convenient device recycling program, you can deliver your hard drive or personal computer in one of three ways:

  1. Curbside pickup
  2. Office collection bin
  3. In-store drop off point

These three strategies are available to give you hassle-free computer recycling. Not only will you enjoy personal data erasure in a safe environment, but you can also ensure your device doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Technology recycling, personal data backup services, and convenient deliveries all allow you to have peace of mind as you upgrade your laptop, swap out your tablet or pick up the latest smartphone for work or personal use. Use these services to conveniently recycle all outdated technology you use, whether at home or at the office.

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