Data Destructions and Hard Drive Recycling Services

High Tech Recycling is an electronic recycling center serving businesses and individuals in the metro Detroit area. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to reducing e-waste, which impacts our environment and public safety. We can help you recycle all types of electronic items, including cell phones, computers, laptops, digital cameras, and music players, and ensure any data within them is effectively destroyed.

To take advantage of our recycling and data destruction services, just drop your items at our center during business hours or schedule a pickup appointment.

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Why Is Data Destruction Necessary?

Data destruction prevents data theft. For example, if someone gains access to personal information on an old hard drive, there’s no telling what damage they could cause. They could make fraudulent charges using old financial information or steal a customer’s identity, which is bad news for your company’s reputation.

Data destruction is also necessary for many businesses to ensure compliance with laws such as HIPAA, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and FACTA. It can also reduce data storage costs by allowing you to reuse old hard drives safely.

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Our Data Destruction Process

1. Data Wiping/Hard Drive Wiping

Data wiping, as the term implies, involves removing information from a hard drive to ensure it can no longer be read. When you delete files from a hard drive, that information may be inaccessible to the user but could still be present somewhere on the drive itself. With wiping, that same information is completely erased from the storage device. This method is more secure and easier to verify than methods involving physical destruction.

Our Data Destruction Software

At High Tech Recycling, we use AOMEI Backupper Technician Edition to destroy data.

This software complies with all Department of Defense (DoD) requirements and allows us to wipe hard drives in one of two ways: either from inside the device itself or from a specially designed docking station. This is important because many modern laptops have integrated hard drives that cannot be removed or replaced.

Service Pricing

The cost of this service is $10 per hard drive.

2. Hard Drive Shredding

After the wipe, your hard drive is sent to a specialized third-party service. This service is dedicated to handling data devices with the utmost confidentiality and security. They will thoroughly shred the hard drive to ensure that all remnants of your data are completely erased. By entrusting your hard drive to such experts, you’re guaranteed that your data is irretrievably removed, protecting your privacy and security.

Hard Drive Recycling

Certified Data Destruction

In some industries, simply disposing of a storage device like a hard drive isn’t enough to meet strict compliance standards. When you take advantage of our data destruction services, you will receive a Certificate of Data Destruction for your own records that includes the serial numbers of all wiped drives.

Ensure Your Data Is Destroyed Properly With High Tech Recycling

At High Tech Recycling, we understand how important data destruction services are to your ongoing success as a business. When you turn to us, you can rest assured we’ll verify that all sensitive data is effectively wiped from your electronics.

Visit our location Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to drop off your items or schedule a pickup, and we’ll come to you!

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