Why You Pay an Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Why You Pay an Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

As electronic devices continue to improve and are used throughout the home, office and other areas, it’s more important than ever to make sure you properly dispose of unwanted devices. Electronic waste can not only fill up a landfill, but also can cause environmental issues. Recycling electronics comes with a small fee, which surprises many individuals and businesses. Learn why you must pay an electronic waste recycling fee, what the fee goes toward and how to save money on recycling services.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Process

Recycling basic plastic containers and soda cans is a highly efficient process with little labor and reduced overheard. Electronic waste recycling, however, is a much more labor-intensive process. Explore the basic steps of the process to better appreciate why electronic waste recycling companies need to charge a small fee for their services.

Separating Components

Electronics are composed of a wide range of materials. While many of the materials are recyclable, they all need to be recycled in different ways. Here are the basic components that need to be broken down and separated for a safe process:

  • Sheet metal
  • Various forms of plastic
  • Toxic materials
  • Precious metals
  • Glass

It takes time, and often manual disassembly, to separate these various components to prepare for the recycling process. All that time adds to the overhead of your electronic waste recycling team. It’s important to keep these harmful and bulky items out of local landfills, but it’s a time-consuming service that requires a small fee on your part.

Changes in Electronic Manufacturing

In the past, computers contained large amounts of precious metals and a single type of plastic. Modern electronics are more efficient in their use of gold, copper and other costly materials. This means your recycling company isn’t going to receive a substantial payment for the safe recycling of your device, which used to cover the cost of tech recycling.

Multiple types of plastic all need to be recycling in different ways. U.S. recycling companies used to export many plastic scrap materials to other countries, particularly China, Vietnam and Thailand. This process is unethical and recent changes in importing and exporting laws have made it much harder for companies to do this. Although alternative ways to recycle plastic scrap are more costly, we would rather charge a small fee to do things the right way.

Data Destruction

Your smartphone, laptop, tablet and many other electronic devices contain sensitive personal information. Your tech recycling team needs to process hard drives using the latest data destruction technology for peace of mind and personal protection. This process adds to the time and cost of the recycling process.

How To Reduce Your Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Your electronic waste recycling fee doesn’t have to be a major expense. Whether recycling a single personal computer or an entire office of electronics, there are a few ways you can reduce the inconvenience and cost of safe electronic waste removal: Finding a convenient location and working with an affordable team.

Ask About Pick-Up Services and Drop-Off Locations

Ask your recycling team about locations to drop off or schedule a pick up for your electronics. Reputable companies should offer a pick-up service for your tech, whether curbside or in your building. This doesn’t remove the electronic waste fee, but it does help you avoid other expenses involved in delivering items to a recycling center.

Work With an Affordable Team

Electronic waste recycling costs aren’t the same from company to company, so ask your team for a quote. Some charge item-by-item fees, while others have a cost-per-pound schedule for personal or business electronics. Work with High Tech Recycling to see how you can enjoy a low rate on recycling services in the Metro Detroit area.

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