Why Should You Delete Your Data Before Recycling Electronics?

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Are you planning on getting rid of an old electronic device? Before disposing of electronic devices, you need to use a data destruction service to help you destroy any confidential information. 

When you recycle your electronics, you don’t know exactly where they’ll end up. That’s why it’s important to get rid of personal information, including photos, passwords, documents, and more. Deleting files isn’t enough—you need to be sure your hard drive is also permanently wiped. 

If not removed, confidential information could get used by the person in possession of your recycled device. Play it safe and turn to High Tech Recycling. We offer comprehensive electronic recycling drop-off and data destruction services. Whether you’re getting rid of a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, we’ll ensure your data will never be misused. 

What Is Electronic Recycling?

When your electronic devices reach the end of their lifespans, recycle them instead of throwing them away! Electronic recycling is the process of using diminished resources to help manufacturers reduce their carbon emissions. Unused, failing, or dead electronics are still sources of energy. Throwing away electronics also negatively impacts the environment. When burned, electronics actually release harmful chemicals into the air. 

There are several steps involved in the process of electronic recycling. The overall goal is to recover some of the valuable parts that can be used for other purposes. As mentioned previously, before recycling your electronic devices, you should always permanently wipe data from the hard drive. 

Why Should You Delete Your Data?

Pressing “delete” on your device isn’t enough. Most people don’t realize that deleted files are still accessible on a device’s hard drive. If a hacker finds that hard drive, they can easily retrieve personal information. 

By deleting your data, you could avoid some of these situations:

  1. Someone using your device to access bank accounts, investment portfolios, and other confidential financial information. If you have financial information stored on your phone or other device, a hacker could use this information to steal money from you.
  2. Hackers using the confidential information on your device to commit identity theft, which could impact your credit score.
  3. Getting viruses on your computer or other personal or work devices. If there is a lot of confidential information on your computer, someone could use that information to access your home or business network.
  4. A stranger visiting your home or place of business. If you have your name, address, or phone number stored on your computer or other device, someone could easily find that information and use it to contact you. 

Prevent these situations by ensuring all data is removed from your device before you recycle it. If you don’t know how to delete your data, turn to High Tech Recycling. We offer comprehensive data destruction services. 

Deleting Your Electronic Data

There are a few ways you can delete your electronic information from your devices. Simply dragging your files and putting them in the trash can or recycle bin is not enough, as this information can still be recovered.

Before you permanently delete information from your computer, the first thing you need to do is backup that information, because you may need it later. After backing up your information, overwrite all of the data on your computer. Use a random series of 0s and 1s, and pass over the information several times. Doing this will make your data unrecoverable. 

After you are done overwriting your information, you should physically destroy your hard drives to eliminate the possibility of someone getting a hold of it. 

If you have never overwritten files, you should always turn to a professional. High Tech Recycling has been offering electronic recycling services for over 10 years. When you work with us, we’ll ensure all of your personal data is protected from unauthorized third parties.

Why Choose High Tech Recycling for Electronics Recycling?

High Tech Recycling offers comprehensive electronic recycling drop-off and data destruction services in the metro Detroit, MI, area. We’ve been helping business owners and individuals in the region since 2011, and take pride in being a trusted name. We recycle televisions, phones, computers, laptops, printers, and other electronic devices.

Click here to learn more about our electronic recycling services, or call us today to schedule a pickup time.

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