How to Recycle an Old TV?

You might not have known this, but it is actually possible to recycle an old TV. You can go to a local recycling facility and recycle your old TV, as long as that recycling facility has the necessary equipment to recycle old TVs. This is a good alternative if you prefer to recycle it as opposed to simply throwing it out in your local dumpster.

Why Is Old TV Recycling Important?

You have probably seen someone throw out an old TV or seen an old TV lying out near or in your local dumpster. However, it is actually important to properly handle old TV recycling. This is because of the fact that old cathode tube ray TVs, more commonly known as CRT TVs, contain lead. As you likely know, lead is a hazardous material and it must be handled with care. If lead is not handled properly, you can end up with contaminants both in the water and in the air.

As a result, recycling your old TV is important because it prevents contaminants from getting into the air and water. If you toss out your old TV, these contaminants may end up in the air and water. Recycling your old TV is good for the environment and good for you, too, since it means you won’t have to worry about lead contaminants in your water and air from your old TV.

One important thing to note about recycling your old TV is that it does usually cost money. However, there are understandable reasons for this cost. Old CRT TVs or computer monitors do not yield a significant amount of viable material. You should also know that the process of recycling your old TV can prove expensive. That is why you get charged for recycling your old TV instead of getting paid to do so.

Our Old Electronics Recycling Process

You can always be sure that your items will be handled responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way when you give them to us. Our process involves multiple steps and the first step that we take is that we carefully analyze any items we receive to see if it is possible to repair or refurbish them. If we cannot repair or refurbish your item, then we will break it down into individual components. This helps prepare the items so that we can recycle them.

If you complete the recycling process properly as we do, it is possible to take the raw materials from old electronic devices and reintroduce them into new products’ manufacturing process. This has several benefits. The primary benefit of recycling these raw materials is that it decreases the need to mine for raw materials. As you may know, mining for these raw materials negatively affects the environment.

However, it is important to note that we do not accept CRT TVs at this time. We also do not accept CRT monitors, as well. Some other items that we do not accept right now are wooden speakers or Alkaline batteries.

Other Electronics We Recycle

We do more than just handle old TV recycling for you. We recycle a variety of other old electronic devices, as well. We recycle computers, mobile devices, and even printers, too. We also recycle servers, tablets, digital cameras, and fax machines, too. If you have an old modem or cable box you would like to recycle, you can recycle it with us at High Tech Recycling.

Toner cartridges, DVD players, routers and switches, and satellite receiver boxes are some more items that we recycle, too. You can even recycle game consoles with us, too. We also provide recycling for computer cables and cords and car batteries. As you can see, we provide recycling for much more than just old TVs.

No matter what kind of electronic device you have, it is likely that we can recycle it at our facility. You should check our website to see a full list of what items we recycle. You can find this list here.

Local Electronics Recycling

If you want to recycle your old electronics in the Metro-Detroit area, you can let our team at High Tech Recycling handle it. We make the process of recycling your electronics as easy as possible. Contact us today if you live in the Metro-Detroit area and you have some old electronics to recycle.

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