TV Types and How To Recycle Them

Electronics are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They make lives easier and provide entertainment for all who own them. Unfortunately, TVs and other electronics are rarely built to last. Even when they are, technology changes so rapidly that TVs become outdated in just a few years. Instead of throwing them out, consider TV recycling. Television sets contain precious metals and other materials that can be recycled and reused. Sending them to landfills significantly reduces the likelihood of this happening.

Types of Television Sets

At High Tech Recycling, we accept all types of TVs, except for CRTs. Consider the following information about each type.


Cathode-ray tube TVs are the old television sets that were popular until LCDs began to replace them in the late 90s and early 2000s. These television sets use a phosphorescent screen to display images. As a reminder, we do not recycle these types of TV.


Liquid-crystal display televisions heralded in a new era of clearer picture quality. While they were first recommended for computer monitor use, this type of TV finally outsold CRT TVs by 2007. It remained the most popular choice for some time.


These TVs use tiny plasma cells that react to electronic fields. They were the first screens larger than 32 inches to become popular in everyday homes. American companies stopped making these in 2014 due to stiff competition from LED TVs.


Light-emitting diode TVs rely on pixels to display images. This, too, first became popular among computers before taking the TV industry by storm. The screens are generally clearer and brighter than LCD screens while being more energy-efficient.


One of the most recent developments in TV design and manufacturing is the use of organic light-emitting diodes. Like LEDs, the compound used reacts to electric currents to create images. This type of screen is popular on not just TVs but also phones and laptops.

How To Identify Your TV Type

For some people, identifying the type of TV is fairly easy. You may remember what was written on the box at the time you bought it or what you ordered online. If not, these tips can help.

Check the Box

Some people keep the box for years without throwing it out. Check the garage, attic or basement to see if you still have yours handy. The type of TV will be written on it.

Check the Digital Receipts

If you ordered the TV online, such as through Best Buy or Amazon, you might find the receipt by doing a search in your email or via your account. The digital receipt should say what kind of TV it is.

Look for Labels

Every TV has stickers advertising what type it is. You may have removed the obvious ones on the front, but the ones on the back should still be there. Check to see what is written there.

Run the Model Number

If the labels you find do not clearly state what kind of TV it is, search for the model number or serial number online. The manufacturer’s website, a seller or even a forum should provide you with the information you need.

How To Recycle Your TV

If you plan to recycle your TV, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out what to do with it, because the likelihood of simply throwing it out might increase. Next, do research on the companies in your area.

High Tech Recycling LLC handles recycling for Michigan consumers in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and the Metro-Detroit area. You can either drop off your TV or schedule a pickup. Contact us today!

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