What Is Data Destruction?

Data destruction and data sanitization are terms that are so easily confused that many professionals use them interchangeably. There are significant differences between physical and data sanitization and destruction. Find out how these terms compare and how High Tech Recycling can help you protect your data when recycling hard drives. Definition of Data Destruction Any […]

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Data Sanitization & Data Recycling

Data security is an essential feature in business, but many businesses fail to maintain high levels of security during the recycling stage of their electronics. Learn more about data sanitization and how these services from High Tech Recycling can help protect your business and customers in the Metro Detroit area. Understanding Data Sanitization It’s essential […]

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How To Remove Your Data From a Computer Before Recycling

Electronics need to be safely recycled to avoid environmental concerns. In many states, recycling is required for e-waste. There are, however, some safety concerns with handing over your hard drive. Learn how to remove data from computer before recycling to avoid identity theft or other risks. Protect sensitive data on your old personal or work […]

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Why Your Business Needs an e-Waste Management Program

Your office should plan on updating computers after an average of four years. Some companies require more frequent updating to enjoy the latest technological features. Whether you’re considering replacing your entire line of office computers or looking to remove an outdated cash register from your store, find out how electronic waste recycling services can protect […]

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TV Types and How To Recycle Them

Electronics are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They make lives easier and provide entertainment for all who own them. Unfortunately, TVs and other electronics are rarely built to last. Even when they are, technology changes so rapidly that TVs become outdated in just a few years. Instead of throwing them out, consider TV […]

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What Are CRT TVs?

For those born before 2000, CRT TVs were a common household appliance. Big, boxy, and often weighing more than your standard flat panel television, cathode ray tube televisions were the standard for nearly 40 years, providing reliable images with one or more electron guns and fluorescent screens. Despite the devices’ reliability, technology did what it […]

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