The Importance of Recycling Small Household Appliances

The Importance of Recycling Small Household Appliances

Blenders break, toasters stop working and coffee makers leak. Once your small household appliances stop working and it’s time for an upgrade, it’s important to recycle these items. Explore the importance of recycling small kitchen appliances and where you can turn for affordable recycling in the Metro Detroit area. Don’t let a damaged appliance or much-needed appliance upgrade negatively impact the environment.

Why It Is Important To Recycle Small Appliances

Electronics recycling is required in many states and is a key step in environmentally responsible waste management. You may recycle your computer, smartphone and other common electronics, but have you thought about your household appliances? Everything from coffee makers to toasters have electronic chips and other materials traditionally associated with electronics. Find out why it’s important to find safe ways to recycle these materials.

Recycle Electronic Components

There are many rare and recyclable materials found in small appliances. Some obvious signs of electronics in your appliances are multi-function or battery-operated devices. A toaster with various settings or a cordless immersion blender are both examples of appliances with internal electronic components.

Gold is used in some connections in electronics, which can be removed and recycled for other purposes. While the amount of gold may be small, large-scale improper disposal of appliances can lead to a significant waste in these precious, reusable materials. Work with a recycling team to ensure these components don’t sit unused in a landfill.

Safely Dispose of Harmful Metals

Electronic devices, particularly ones with a battery, contain a range of metals that are harmful to people and the environment. Here are a few examples of metals that may be found in your household appliances:

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Selenium
  • Cadmium

These materials are safely sealed in batteries and microchips, but a damaged device can expose them to the outside world. Appliances that are improperly disposed can contaminate the ground or drinking water with these materials. Small amounts may not be noticeable, but a growing trend away from recycling could be hazardous.

Lead can cause a number of health issues when individuals are exposed at any level. Mercury and other heavy metals cause considerable health effects as well, whether individuals come in direct contact with it or are exposed through contaminated water.

Avoid a Landfill

Electronics and heavy metals may be concerning components in household appliances, but they make up a small percentage of these devices. Recycling plastic and metal components keeps large, bulky elements of your appliances out of a landfill. Work with a recycling team who is willing to disassemble appliances and recycle the various components to reduce the environmental strain of your unwanted or damaged items.

Landfills cover the country and can be dangerous areas when environmentally unsafe materials are added. Modern landfills use plastic, clay or other materials to create a lining, but this lining can be damaged. Throwing recyclable items in landfills can prematurely fill up these areas and create waste management issues over the long term.

Safe, Efficient Household Appliance Recycling

Avoid these hazards by safely recycling your household appliances. Consider donating items that are still usable, or find a local recycling team who specializes in electronic waste recycling. At High Tech Recycling in the Metro Detroit area, we work with homeowners and businesses to safely remove unwanted tech and small household appliances. This service helps reduce the amount of appliances, heavy metals and precious materials that end up in a landfill.

Stop by for a contactless drop off or scheduled a home pick up today to see how you can enjoy free or low-cost electronic recycling services in your local community. Cut down on unnecessary landfill waste and environmental hazards by doing your part with convenient recycling near you.

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