Data Sanitization & Data Recycling

Data security is an essential feature in business, but many businesses fail to maintain high levels of security during the recycling stage of their electronics. Learn more about data sanitization and how these services from High Tech Recycling can help protect your business and customers in the Metro Detroit area.

Understanding Data Sanitization

It’s essential to safely remove data from your hard drives and other business electronic storage devices before recycling them. Data sanitization is the process of safely removing this information to prevent theft of critical data.

Without the proper sanitization measures, a determined criminal could access your recycled hard drive, smartphone or tablet and access information. Even information that’s been deleted and written over the usual methods isn’t safe from a determined individual.

Prevent this by working with a recycling team who is committed to industry-leading data destruction services. These services not only remove data, but rewrite over it in at least three passes in order to prevent data recovery efforts.

In some cases we use physical destruction techniques to prevent the use of your hard drive. This may be necessary for particularly sensitive files, as it completely removes the risk of access to data.

At High Tech Recycling, we thoroughly clear data through one of two ways:

  • Physical drive destruction
  • Department of Defense compliant data destruction

Physical destruction prevents your electronics from being reused, but the materials are still eligible for efficient recycling. Data destruction allows devices to be reused without giving access to your confidential files, so another individual can purchase and use your device to promote responsible technology use.

Business Data Sanitization

Any business has confidential data. Whether you’re working with personal files for your clients or simply have employee information and trade secrets stored on your hard drives, keep your data safe with industry-leading recycling services in your area.

Consider the following business data that may be accessible to criminals:

  • Customer health records
  • Tax information
  • Personal information
  • Financial records
  • Company trade secrets and business plans

Whether you have a Chief Risk Management Officer to handle these risks or you’re a small business owner wearing this hat, safe hard drive removal is a critical step in your business security. Don’t put your company, employees and clients at risk, but keep data safely managed and confidential.

Benefits of Data Recycling and Sanitization

Both physical destruction and data sanitization methods offer a number of benefits. Both offer the peace of mind that comes with security. Your company doesn’t have to worry about old records and personal information falling into the wrong hands. You can confidently recycle or sell your obsolete devices and data storage systems without fear.

Prevent E-Waste in Your Business

Recycling your devices also prevents e-waste. This type of waste is harmful to the environment due to the heavy metals, acids and other inorganic materials. Very few of the materials that make up technological devices are biodegradable, and many contain traces of toxic chemicals.

Not only can these materials leech into local water sources, but they’re also costly to replace. Recycling rare earth metals and other costly materials in electronics can help create a sustainable future for the technology industry.

High Tech Recycling offers many opportunities for your company to recycle unwanted technology without the risk of a data breach. You can bring electronics to our convenient location in the Metro Detroit area, you can schedule a pickup or you can arrange for collection bins to be placed around your facility. These options allow you to coordinate a company-wide recycling program or allow employees to recycle computers and tablets as needed without putting your company at risk.

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