Why Your Business Needs an e-Waste Management Program

Your office should plan on updating computers after an average of four years. Some companies require more frequent updating to enjoy the latest technological features. Whether you’re considering replacing your entire line of office computers or looking to remove an outdated cash register from your store, find out how electronic waste recycling services can protect your business and the environment.

Electronic Waste in Your Business

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a broad category of electronic components that no longer serve their purpose or are unwanted. Some electronic devices can be liquidated to go toward the cost of a new system, while others are unusable and need to be recycled.

You may need to pay an electronic waste recycling fee for safe removal, disassembly and recycling of your electronic products. This fee, although small, makes some businesses consider simply disposing of electronics in a landfill. Find out why this is a problem and how you can benefit from electronic waste recycling services.

Environmental Concerns

Computers, smartphones, printers and even small appliances contain electronic components that can harm the environment. The microchips, batteries and other components that make up an electronic device use mercury, lead, arsenic and other hazardous materials. If improperly disposed of, these materials can make their way into the groundwater and pollute the environment.

As a business owner, you have the responsibility to avoid these disastrous effects. A homeowner may have the option of recycling a few electronic devices, but your business may use dozens or hundreds of devices. You may be in charge of a significant amount of electronics, making your contribution to either a landfill or e-waste recycling considerable.

Legal Obligation

In 25 states, there are laws against improper disposal of technology for private citizens and businesses. Your company may face a fine if found improperly disposing of computers, screens, tablets and other devices. Avoid fines and follow local laws by working with a reputable tech recycling team.

Michigan is one state that currently has laws against improper disposal of electronic devices. At High Tech Recycling, we work with business owners in the Metro Detroit area to identify items legally required to be recycled. We help you manage your e-waste and safely remove it in a legal and socially responsible way.

Material Waste

Sending electronic devices to a landfill wastes a number of precious and non-precious materials. Many electronics use gold connections. The amount of gold in a signal laptop or smartphone may be small, but the cumulative amount of yearly tech recycling can be significant. The majority of gold in electronics is currently being lost due to improper disposal.

In addition to rare resources, a large amount of plastic and metal from electronic devices is filling up landfills across the country. These bulky parts can be recycled after proper disassembly, which can be coordinated by your local recycling team.

Security Reasons

Confidential information on business computers makes them a liability. Throwing a hard drive in the garbage may not prevent an individual from breaking into the device and stealing your confidential information. Reputable tech recycling teams use state-of-the-art hard drive destruction services to ensure your business and personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Receive a certificate of destruction to be sure your information is permanently removed from the device.

Benefits of a Quality e-Waste Management Program

Work with a local electronic waste disposal team to enjoy these benefits and receive fast, efficient removal. When you schedule a business electronic waste removal service in your local area, you can request a contactless pick up or drop off service. Ask about leaving drop-off boxes in your commercial building to allow your employees to safely dispose of items themselves.

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