How to Recycle an Old Ipad?

When you upgrade your Ipad tablet, you can make the environmentally conscious decision and recycle! Ipads are full of valuable metal parts, and you can even earn money when you decide to recycle them. While newer upgrades might have faster processors or better quality cameras, there are plenty of people that would be more than happy to use a tablet. You may even decide to donate the iPad and you can get a tax-deductible write-off.

If you’re looking to earn money from recycling your iPad, you can contact High Tech Recycling and tell us. We provide cash for your iPad or trade-in credit.

Our professional electronic recycling company provides a valuable service that helps conserve resources and earn you money. We give you the value of the parts for your iPad, so you can save time and get a fair price. Whichever method you choose, recycling your iPad is a better idea than leaving it in your garage. Recycling helps to conserve resources, and you can do something other than tossing it in the trash!

Ipad Recycling Process

Avoiding the landfill is the best decision when you are deciding what to do with an old iPad. Since its debut in 2010, more than 400 million iPads have been sold. You can resell it to make some pocket change or bring it into our recycling center. Apple’s recycling programs have received more than 1 million IPads and they have helped many devices avoid their fate from being thrown in the garbage.

Using a local recycling program, like High Tech Recycle, will give you a better price and saves time waiting for the check. The first step is to bring the device in during normal business hours. Our customer service team will assess the condition of the device, and offer you a fair monetary value. You also may be able to trade it in for a new device, so let our team know if that is what you are interested in and we can discuss your options.

Finally, say goodbye to your old iPad and hello to more money or to a new device. Our team takes iPads in working or unworking condition, so no matter what it looks like, bring it into our store for a market trade-in value.

Other Household Electronics we Recycle

Make more clearing out your unused electronics! Experts estimate Americans have more than $43 billion worth of unused electronics in their homes. Our team specializes in high-tech electronics. Bring in your mobile devices, phones, televisions, computers, or printers to recycle.

Interested in bringing in your television? We specialize in, LED, LCD, smart TVs, and plasma TV’s. Choose from flexible options like home pick up or drop off.

Have a tablet or similar mobile device? Whether it’s working or not, we can help you recycle it. Before recycling it, be sure to upload your photos and backup any important data. Perform a factory reset and remove the SIM. Now, do a quick clean up and it is ready!

Reasons for Recycling Household Items

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Conserve resources

Electronics are made from chemicals and other materials that can impact soil and water quality. By choosing to recycle them, you are protecting the planet! Also, you reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating any harmful effects of contributing more to a landfill.

Tablets have valuable parts and metal that are nonrenewable. You help to conserve resources when you decide to recycle your iPad. This has many effects all over the world, from the factories to where the metal is mined.

Local Recycling for Electronics

Local recycling is the best choice when you are recycling your iPad. You aren’t contributing to pollution by transporting it long distances. You also help your community by buying local!

Are you ready to recycle your tablet, iPad, or other devices? Visit us today or call us for a pickup!



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