Where To Recycle Rechargeable Batteries?

Recycle Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries last considerably longer than single-use alternatives, but even these innovative batteries eventually reach the end of their life. It can be dangerous and even illegal to dispose of rechargeable batteries in your typical household or business trash disposal method, so find out how electronics recycling through High Tech Recycling can keep your community and environment safe.

Types of Rechargeable Batteries

Homes use a range of rechargeable battery options for a number of appliances, electronics and equipment. Businesses, from offices to construction companies, may also have a significant amount of batteries in use. Here are the most common types that may be in your home:

  • Lithium ion
  • Nickel metal hydride
  • Nickel cadmium
  • Lead acid

All of these batteries contain trace amounts of heavy metals, so it’s important to work with a local recycling center to find a convenient way to dispose of them. After you find out where you can take your old batteries, learn more about the dangers of battery pollution and the benefits of recycling.

Drop-Off Locations

Stop by our drop-off location in Pontiac, Michigan for convenient disposal. We accept all rechargeable batteries and ensure they are disposed of properly. Stop by our location to be confident your batteries won’t go to a landfill.

We serve the entire Metro-Detroit area, including Wayne, Macomb and Oakland county. If you can’t make it to our drop-off location, find out how you can enjoy more convenient pickup locations.

Collection Bins

For larger amounts of batteries and other electronics, ask about collection bins. We set up bins at community centers, businesses, schools and other locations for easy access to safe rechargeable battery collection and recycling.

Collection bins are ideal for businesses that use a large number of batteries. Weekly or monthly pickup keeps you from spending valuable company time hauling batteries to our local recycling center.

Curbside Pickup

Batteries are only the beginning of the materials we recycle. If you have heavy appliances, computers or other items we recycle in your home, business location or commercial site, ask if we can schedule a curbside pickup. We recycle batteries along with your heavy items that you may have difficulties bringing to a drop-off center.

Dangers of Improper Battery Disposal

Heavy metals, acid and other materials commonly found in rechargeable items are dangerous for the environment. These elements don’t break down naturally in the earth and can contaminate the soil and groundwater surrounding your home. Protect your community and the environment by choosing a drop-off center that works to reuse these materials.

Cadmium and lead are two common elements found in rechargeable devices. You may also find acid and other components that can be harmful if they leak. Professional recycling centers have the tools and resources necessary to properly recycle these materials.

Benefits of Recycling

Just like other forms of environmental conservation, battery recycling saves energy, avoids pollution and reduces the use of landfills. A major source of toxic pollution from a landfill comes from heavy metals found in rechargeable batteries, so be sure your household or business isn’t contributing to this source of pollution.

Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries Today

Recycling your own electronics and hazardous materials can be difficult. Thankfully, you have a local, reliable recycling center for technology, batteries and more. Find answers to your common questions about recycling and electronic disposal to be sure you’re preventing harmful heavy metals from entering a landfill in your area.

At High Tech Recycling in Pontiac, Michigan, we’re proud to offer a range of recycling services for all your electronics, batteries and household appliances. Contact us today to learn how you can serve your community throughout Metro Detroit to recycle rechargeable batteries and avoid unnecessary pollution.

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