Where Can You Recycle Electronics?

Recycle Electronics


Recycling Your Electronics

When it comes to recycling, few people think of their electronics. Instead, the focus tends to be on plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper products. Environmentalists are now working hard to make the public more aware of the tons of electronic waste making it to landfills. These may potentially release lead into the environment while wasting $60 million per year in discarded gold and silver. Thankfully, electronics recycling can help.

The problem is that recycling electronics is not as common as it should be. A 2014 study published by Science Direct estimated that around the world, only 25% of e-waste ended up at proper recycling centers by the end of their life cycle. Most of the e-waste is computers, but cellphones also play a role in worsening the problem as consumers change these more often.


How To Get Rid of Old Electronics

Thankfully, there are many safe ways to dispose of your old electronics. Some people choose to sell their devices on OfferUp, Amazon or other platforms that accept the sale of used goods. Locally, you may also find many people willing to purchase older appliances or secondhand phones. Just ask around.

Donating your electronics is another good option. You may choose Goodwill or other charitable organizations. Note that charities that shelter domestic abuse victims, provide employment for people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and who provide temporary homes during disaster relief may have the highest demand for smartphones and kitchen appliances.

What do you do if your electronic device is a dud though? Can you still sell or give it to an organization? In this instance, the best option is recycling. This helps to ensure that parts from your electronics don’t still end up in a landfill after being scrapped.


Where To Recycle Your Electronics

Some of the largest retail companies in America now participate in e-waste takeback programs. It usually doesn’t matter where you purchased the item, but be sure to check with the companies just in case. The most common options are Staples, Best Buy and Office Depot. The main drawback here is that this is best for smaller devices and they generally don’t do pickups.

If you prefer pickup services, consider a company that specializes in electronics recycling. The one thing to look out for here is that some companies only agree to a pickup if you have a lot of e-waste to get rid of. Some may also only service businesses, which can be problematic if you’re getting rid of kitchen appliances at home. Remember to ask about any conditions of the pickup as well as potential fees.

We offer pickup services for both home and business locations. Just call us and schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you foresee that you may need to dump a lot of electronics over the next few months or so, consider getting a collection bin. We can pick up the e-waste on a timed schedule, such as monthly, or on an as-needed basis.


Why Recycle Your Electronics

The only way to ensure your electronics end up properly recycled is to do it yourself. Here are just a few reasons you should consider working with a company to recycle electronics from home or work:

  • The EPA believes that recycling just 1 million cellphones could help Americans reclaim 20 pounds of palladium, 50 pounds of gold, 550 pounds of silver and 20,000 pounds of copper.
  • Electronic products contain substances that are toxic to humans if released back into the environment, This includes mercury, lead and cadmium.
  • Roughly 25 states passed laws requiring people to recycle electronics they don’t use.


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