How to Recycle Your Computer Hard Drive

If it’s time to decommission your old computer, you might be wondering what to do with it. Electronic waste doesn’t decompose, so throwing it away isn’t a good option. Recycling your hard drive is another solution, but the risks of a data leak from the hard drive are another concern. Here’s why partnering with a full-service electronics recycler for hard drive recycling is important for your peace of mind.

Hard Drive Recycling Process

Although there are many ways to recycle a hard drive on your own, it’s not safe to smash a hard drive with a hammer. There are two steps to hard drive recycling. First, the data should be wiped off the drive. High Tech Recycling uses Department of Defense compliant hard drive data destruction. Next, the hard drive is physically destroyed. You are given a certificate of destruction for your files, the same as if you shredded confidential paper documents. This gives you the ability to track the recycled hard drive’s chain of custody for your confirmation.

Other Electronics We Recycle

Hard drives are just a few of the electronic components that can be recycled. High Tech Recycling is committed to offering recycling solutions for a wide variety of electronics, from televisions to mobile devices and more.

Televisions, DVD & VCR Players

Entertainment equipment can take up a lot of space in your storage room. We accept any brand on LCD, LED and plasma TVs, along with wires, cables and cable boxes. VCR and DVD players can also be recycled. These components also contain harmful toxins that leak into the soil from a landfill.

Printers, Ink and Toner Cartridges

Printer technology seems to change every year. Many offices have multiple out-of-date printers and ink or toner cartridges that are collecting dust in the office. Toner and printer cartridges aren’t often empty, even when the printer says they are. All of these items can be recycled, preventing the chemicals and parts from going into the landfill.

Cellphones, Phones and Phone Systems

Over the past two decades, your office may have gone through multiple types of phone systems. Even if you’ve always relied on cell phones, you may have two or three older ones in the desk. It might be easy to throw those small devices in the trash. These materials may take decades to break down in a landfill, but when recycled, they can be used again in other devices.

Reason for Recycling Electronics

It’s estimated that each person in the United States generates about 46 pounds of hazardous electronic waste annually. That adds to almost 7 million tons per year across the country. Only about 15% of that e-waste is recycled.

Cleaner Environment

Recycling reduces the number of harmful products that go into landfills. When you recycle your electronics, you are saving space and preventing toxic chemicals from leaking into the soil and water. Recycling also prevents air pollution by reducing mining activities that release toxic gases into the air.

Good for the Economy

Although technology is constantly changing, electronics have a lot of components that can be re-utilized in newer products without any manufacturing. The recycled parts of electronics use fewer resources and reduce the cost of producing goods from scratch.

Declutter Your Office

Outdated devices and obsolete technology that aren’t being used just clutter your office. When you recycle your old electronics, it saves office space and makes way for new, modern technology. Your office can repurpose your closets and storage rooms to be more efficient.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

High Tech Recycling is committed to recycling electronics to avoid contributing to landfills. We make it easy and affordable to recycle electronics while giving you peace of mind about your data from hard drives and other sensitive computer devices.

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