How To Recycle an Old Microwave?


Similar to computers and televisions, microwave ovens are constructed from toxic raw materials (like lead solder), sheet metal, and fire retardant chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Before you toss out your non-working or old microwave, consider that many microwaves and appliances are considered electronic waste or e-waste.

There is a proper way to recycle microwave ovens and other e-waste that have reached the end of their useful life cycle. Instead of adding to an already growing problem of toxic landfills and waterways, a microwave oven should be given to an electronics recycling service provider like High Tech Recycling LLC to be either reused, refurbished, or recycled.

Microwave Recycling Process

When communities recycle electronics and appliances properly, it is good news for the environment and will help make sure our planet stays viable for future generations. The first step in recycling your microwave oven before you drop it off at our facility is to clean it to make sure it is free of food, chemicals, insects, or bodily fluids.

Don’t worry if the microwave is broken or partially dismantled. If the product cannot be refurbished, High Tech Recycling will likely break down the microwave into its separate components to be sorted and grouped by different waste categories.

Next, we will ship usable components to our partner facilities for further processing into new products. Items that are not reusable, we will dispose of in the proper manner according to EPA guidelines and other government regulations.

Other Household Electronics we Recycle

Now that you know how easy it is to protect the environment when you recycle microwave ovens, consider these other household electronics that High Tech Recycling handles on a daily basis:

  • televisions (tube and electronic)
  • computers and monitors
  • laptops and tablets
  • cell phones
  • printers
  • electronic cables
  • printer ink cartridges
  • gaming consoles
  • car batteries

In addition to the computers and mobile devices that we recycle, we will also accept your computer parts or accessories that you no longer need, such as lithium batteries, toner cartridges, hard drives (please back up and erase data).

Reasons for Recycling Household Items

There are many reasons why consumers are realizing the benefits to recycling household items when they decide to recycle microwave ovens. The first benefit is that your household becomes part of the solution, and not the problem, when it comes to toxic landfill waste.

Also, you are helping to preserve natural resources. How? Everything manufactured will consume some form of natural resources, including water, timber, and earth minerals. When a household product is recycled, those resources are put back into the manufacturing process instead of depleting more natural resources.

And finally, the more we recycle household products, the more jobs we create in the recycling and manufacturing industries. Always consider how closely connected the products we consume are to keeping the environment clean by reducing energy usage through recycling.

Local Recycling for Electronics

High Tech Recycling is your local service provider for electronics and household appliance recycling. Our goal is to repurpose 100% of the items we receive from businesses and households in Metro-Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

To make the recycling process easier for our clients, we will pick up large and/or heavy items or a bulk collection of items. And not to worry, your sensitive data that may still linger on computer components is completely erased by our professional degaussing machine using Department Of Defense 5220.22 M-compliant software.

Consider starting a neighborhood recycling program to collect the useless or old electronics and appliances in your community. Contact us to supply the recycling bins and to schedule weekly, monthly, or on call pickups.

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