How to Dispose of an Old Laser Printer

Laser printers were first introduced in the mid-1970s, but they didn’t become popular in offices until about 20 years later. While today’s printers are much different than the first ones, regardless of their age, printers do not belong in landfills. The materials do not decompose. Dealing with obsolete electronics doesn’t have to be a problem. High Tech Recycling offers laser printer recycling to take care of your unwanted office equipment.

Laser Printer Recycling Process

Laser printers have components that do not belong in landfills. The toner contains hazardous chemicals that can leak into the groundwater and soil. Circuit boards and other components of the printer can contain mercury, lead or cadmium that are hazardous when disposed of incorrectly. When you turn your old printers over to High Tech Recycling, the printer is broken down into individual components. Some components are reintroduced into the manufacturing process and reused in new products. Other items are refurbished to be used again. We do our best to repurpose everything we receive, even broken items.

Other Electronics We Recycle

High Tech Recycling takes many types of electronics for recycling. Whether your business is just a couple of years old or has been around for decades, you probably have more e-waste than you think. While we don’t accept CRT monitors or project TVs, we do take many different electronics beyond printers and scanners.

Printer Toner and Ink Cartridges

Even when ink cartridges won’t print any longer, they usually have a little ink or toner in them. These chemicals can leak into the soil and groundwater when they’re just tossed into the trash. We recycle toner and ink cartridges to prevent pollution.

Cords and Cables

Every piece of electronic equipment you’ve ever owned has at least one cord and one or more cables to connect it to another piece of technology. Fortunately, these items are recyclable and reusable. We do the hard part, sorting them out and finding places that will reuse your old cords and cables.

Computer Gaming Systems, Small Appliances and More

From digital cameras to old coffeemakers, free up space in your office by recycling those items. If you don’t seem something on our list, just ask. We may be able to still take your item.

Reason for Recycling Electronics

The United States produces more electronic waste each year than any other country. Recycling electronics keeps these materials out of landfills, reducing the need for landfill space and preventing pollution, but there are other benefits for the environment and your own office.

Helps the Economy

Recycled parts that get put back into the manufacturing cycle reduce production costs of new goods. These recycled parts use less energy to make and reduce pollution. This saves natural resources by eliminating the need to mine new materials or produce new components. Reusing resources is better for the environment.

Reduces Office Clutter

If you’re like a lot of businesses, you probably keep your outdated technology because you don’t know what to do with and hate to just throw that money out the door. Keeping this obsolete equipment requires extra storage space. Recycling your laser printers and other technology gives you more space and less to clean.

Reduces Air and Noise Pollution

It’s easy to see how recycling reduces pollution in landfills. Reducing other types of pollution is another benefit of recycling, if not as obvious. E-waste recycling reduces the need for mining, which creates toxic gas emissions, protecting the air from pollution. Recycling also reduces the noise created by mining or production facilities.

Local Recycling for Electronics

High Tech Recycling is committed to managing electronic waste for environmentally friendly recycling. Don’t let your unused items collect dust in your office for years to come. Enjoy the benefits of e-waste recycling when you work with us to unload obsolete technology.


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