Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling

What happens to your old computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. If you’re like most Americans, they end up in a landfill where their precious resources are unused and they can potentially contaminate the soil and groundwater. Electronic devices may quickly become outdated, but the raw materials still retain value. Find out how electronic waste recycling can help the environment and reduce waste generated by your home or business.

Benefits for Electronic Waste Recycling

Economic Growth

Approximately 11.7 million tons of e-waste is thrown into a landfill every year. All these lost resources add up to a significant loss of potential economic activity. The way you handle your old electronics and other garbage can slowly add up to a large effect on your local economy. Recycling your electronic waste keeps these precious resources circulating in the economy.

Recycling is a growing industry. As a local recycling center, High Tech Recycling employees individuals in your community in this environmentally friendly industry. Support local business growth and reduce global economic waste by using recycling services instead of adding to a landfill.

Reduced Emissions

Many of the components found in your electronic devices are mined. Mining activity creates a significant amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. These emissions may not affect you personally, but your continued use and improper disposal of electronics may be increasing smog and air pollution for cities around the world.

Help do your part in reducing air pollution by recirculating electronic devices. At High Tech Recycling, we assist you in collecting and recycling old computers, smartphones, printers, and other devices. Discuss your unused electronics with our team to determine whether they are eligible for recycling.

Efficient Use of Precious Resources

There are a number of rare elements that are used in the production of the latest technology. Rare elements improve the efficiency of computing devices. Some materials are rare, while others are quite common but still require labor-intensive mining.

All of these valuable resources come from around the world and could end up in a landfill near your home or business. There are plenty of resources that could be recycled in a computer, mobile device or television. Don’t let these resources run out or become more difficult to find, but keep them in circulation with a professional recycling service near you.

Limited Effects on Biodiversity

Mining and manufacturing processes require a significant amount of land. As the technological manufacturing sector continues to grow, it results in more deforestation and limited biodiversity. Soil, water, and forests around the world can be impacted by the effects of mining and manufacturing digital devices, but recycling devices can limit some of this growth.

recycle old cell phones

Declutter Office Space

Is your office starting to look like a computer warehouse? Your home or commercial office can quickly become cluttered with outdated devices and obsolete technology. Many homeowners and business owners who don’t want to add to a landfill often start collecting these devices.

If you’re unsure what to do with your old computers, connect with High Tech Recycling. We can set up curbside collection, place collection bins in your office or collect items directly at our location.

Turn over any accepted items to increase your office storage space and make way for modern, efficient technology. Swap out a bulky, outdated printer for the latest model or clear your storage shelves for more files, inventory, and other items.

Learn More About Electronic Waste Recycling Today

Join the cutting edge of electronics recycling today by working with High Tech Recycling. Schedule a pickup today to unload your unused items and join the movement for environmentally friendly recycling. Now that you know the benefits of e-waste recycling, it’s time to enjoy them in your office or home.

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