Old Electronics Filling Your Garage? Try Recycling or Donating

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Spring cleaning is a delightful task you look forward to every year, right? OK, probably not. For many of us, it’s less “looking forward to doing it,” and more “looking forward to it being done.” If that’s how you feel about your annual cleaning binge, we may be able to lighten your load with some useful tips about one aspect of it: getting rid of old electronics. If you find yourself wondering “Where do I recycle electronics?” or “Where do I recycle computers?” or “Can’t I just throw all these old MP3 players into a creek or something?” read on.

Where Do I Dispose of Electronics?

Instead of disposing of electronics, why not donate them? Charitable organizations can be a great way to offload computers, smartphones, printers and more while helping people in need.

For example, organizations that help children overcome socioeconomic challenges may be able to refurbish your devices and give them to kids who have reduced access to technology. This often translates to a greater opportunity to thrive in school, where computers and internet are now integral to education.

Alternatively, people escaping abuse may likewise be limited in their access to technology. Organizations dedicated to helping abuse victims sometimes call for donated devices that can help individuals and families stay in contact and get back on their feet.

Even if the organization won’t make use of the devices themselves, they may be able to make money on resale. When it comes to disposing of old electronics, there’s no better way to do it than a method that reuses without waste. Get creative with your search terms and consider some of the causes nearest to your heart.

Where Do I Recycle Electronics?

Many major tech chains now offer ways to dispose of broken or obsolete equipment. Depending on the retailer, recycling may be available for things such as printers, computer monitors, televisions, tablets, cellphones and a long list of other items. Check with a variety of businesses, near or far, as they may even have mail-in options when you’re outside their area.

If your device is still in working condition, it may even qualify as a trade-in when you upgrade. This will depend on the criteria set out by the company you’re working with, but cellphone companies in particular have often incentivized upgrades with programs like this. That’s right: In some cases, your responsible choice to recycle may even save you money.

What Other Means of Disposal Are Available?

When your devices are too old or damaged for donation and recycling isn’t available where you are, a hazardous waste facility may be an option. Electronics can contain materials not suitable for landfill disposal, but your local hazardous waste program is typically able to receive and process items that can’t go in your regular trash can. Ask your public works department for hazardous waste facility locations and call ahead to confirm that they can take that Betamax machine that’s been sitting in your parents’ attic since 1983.

That said, if all else fails, you may still be able to dispose of electronics along with the rest of your trash. This depends on the regulations in your area, and it may require preliminary steps such as removing batteries before you discard an item. Check your local ordinances and be sure to follow any guidelines before adding objects of this nature to your trash.

Responsibly disposing of used electronics can seem like a daunting task, especially in the middle of a larger clean-out job. If attempting to answer the question “Where do I recycle electronics?” makes your head spin, give the experts at High Tech Recycling a call today. We can help you find the right solution and walk you through the protocols and requirements of swift and stress-free disposal.

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